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+In-House Timeline

+Fabrika Studio (Brooklyn): Production work on HBO animated shorts, including "Menasha's Dream" and Oprah Winfrey's 10th anniversary opening animation for Harpo Entertainment

+HBO's A Little Curious (Manhatoons in NYC): Created 3-d clay models and armatures > click here to go to site.

+Dora The Explorer (The Pilot and First Season for Nickelodeon and Funline Animation): storyboard coloring, 3-d modeling, production work and flash animation

+Clifford The Big Red Dog (for Funline Animation, NYC): created flash backgrounds for games and was a colorist for characters at a pc-based studio

+Eddie and The Squid (Delfino Entertainment: Background artist and Toon Boom Animator,)

+Lucky Kat (Delfino Entertainment: character design, backgrounds, animation, flash design)

+Art Director for Delfino Media Group 2007 - 2008 freelance in-house position

+ Download my Resume in PDF format

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© 2009 Joe Rocco


+ Flash Animated Buttons for Comedy Central Website. The Blue Collar guys

+ Flash Animated Header for Pencil Heads Website

+ Flash Animated Commercial for Digital Billboard and also web banner for theatrical production for The Met Theatre in Los Angeles.

+ Fluffer and Nutter: "Wet T-Shirt Contest" Trailer (This trailer is being edited in the month of April, so check back later when it is posted.)

+ this trailer is still being edited and will be up shortly

+ View the trailer for Eddie and The Squid

+ The Elvis and Count Dracula Coincidences